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An ocean of flavor: the Krill

Today, our weekly article will talk about a small organism which loves cold waters and polar latitudes, but can also be found in all the oceans of the world. The organism we’re taking about is called Krill.

This small crustacean, which could remember a shrimp, belongs to the euphausiacea order and it was only discovered in 1852 by James Dana. It represents a great opportunity in the gastronomic and catering sectors.

Best known by most as a simple ZooPlancton, in fact, the Krill is both the main nourishment of the entire marine ecosystem in our planet, both a great opportunity for world cuisines, because this incredible creature is extremely versatile and can be used or for purely gastronomic purposes, or for technical purposes using it as a filter.

This precious resource, besides being extremely versatile, is also very tasty, innovative and nutritious (rich in omega3).

How we use it?

Come and visit us for discover our use of Krill


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